Dr. Thomas Wool, Dr. Sergio Perez Beracasa, and Darbi Stevens, CRNP to join MCA

Hospital Affiliates

Our physicians and advanced practitioners provide daily coverage to the Baptist hospitals in Montgomery.  If you are being seen in the emergency room or admitted as an inpatient to one of these facilities and require cardiology services, one of our physicians may be consulted.  If we are not consulted, we may not be aware of your hospitalization.

MCA will schedule hospital outpatient procedures at the time of an office visit with one of our providers.  A staff member will review the procedure instructions with you, providing the information you need to know prior to arriving at the hospital.

Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates and these hospitals are separate business organizations.  The hospital will bill you for their services and Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates will bill you for medical care administered by our physicians during your hospital visit.  Should you require radiology or anesthesiology services during your hospital visit, you will receive separate bills from these providers as well.

While we do not provide daily coverage to Troy Regional Medical Center, we typically see hospital consults on most Wednesdays.

Hospitals Locations
Baptist Medical Center South, Montgomery, Alabama
Baptist Medical Center East, Montgomery, Alabama
Troy Regional Medical Center, Troy, Alabama